Ninjas, Samurais, Superheroes, crime, etc. I read it all!

Recommend books, comics, graphic novels, etc.
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Ninjas, Samurais, Superheroes, crime, etc. I read it all!

Post by msclark » Tue Mar 10, 2009 2:59 pm

Comics/Graphic Novels
1. DMZ
Brian Wood/Riccardo Burchielli
- Various states succeeded from the US union causing a civil war. The focus is in New York City(Manhattan is the location of the demilitarized zone) where only person who is able to reveal the truth is a journalist named Matthew Roth. He was sent in to do a story on the DMZ until his crew is attacked and he is pretty much left for dead.

2. 100 bullets
Brian Azzarello/Eduardo Risso
-A strange man gives people the choice of ultimate revenge with an attache filled wit a gun and 100 untraceable bullets. It sounds alot better than you think.
This series has been mentioned before, but I will reintroduce it to you all. I love the story line and art style. The series can be really gritty and violent, but the characters are great and i love the mystery of each character.

3. Batman : the Dark Knight returns
Frank Miller
-I cant even describe the realism of Batman/Joker and how they should be portrayed. Frank Miller is a genius and I loved it the whole way through. ... ht_Returns

4. Batman : the Dark Knight strikes again
Frank Miller
-The sequel to Batman : the Dark Knight returns. Everything is great about this one and is just as good as the first. ... ikes_Again

5. Identity Crisis
Brad Meltzer/Rags Morales/Michael Bair
-I never really paid attention to JLA, but i am so glad I picked this up. The storyline/mystery amazed me. I will have to read it again.

Jim Krueger/Alex Ross
- I read this one after the one above. the main story is a possible apocalypse. Most of the JLA are taken over by various enemies and now for some reason their enemies are the ones doing good for mankind. ... 1401209696

7. Bastard samurai
Mike Avon Oeming/Miles Gunter
Image Comics
-Male babies are sold to dojos to be trained and unknowingly, their lives are gambled on in death matches. One man who is brought up this way seeks revenge when he learns of the truth.
I picked this one up on the random at my library. The artwork was a bit different so it caught my eye. It's not the greatest, but not bad either. I enjoyed the artwork at the end more so the actual comic.

1. It's Superman!
Tom De Haven
-The story is great and I wish they would make a movie out of this book or atleast a graphic novel. Like the show "Smallville", the book starts out with a young Clark Kent and then prgresses to Metropolis. The storyline is very creative and detailed (better than most superman stories) with a good mystery plot sewn inbetween. The main focus isnt just Clark Kent witch is great. You really get to know other charactes in the story. A few things(so i've read) are pulled from other storylines and incorpoerated in this book so for those oof you who really know Superman may get a kick out of some characters

2. Cloud of Cparrows
Takashi Matsuoka
-I've read about half of it and it is soo good. I feel bad now for waiting almost 2 weeks to read it. It is about Japan, during the early 20th century when missionaries were coming over. The main focus is Lord Genji and his council, as well as 3 missionaires who have come from America.

* i will update my post.
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