Diana Krall - Live in Paris Album

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Diana Krall - Live in Paris Album

Post by Stick » Thu Jan 15, 2004 12:22 pm

Being only 23, one would expect a person of my age to be heavily into music which would be more geared towards my generation... hiphop, rap, R&B, etc.

Well, I am.. but my philosophy when it comes to music has and always will be:

"Whatever sounds good to the ear, is good enough."

That being said, i found this album to be pure EAR CANDY.

I'll be honest. Never listened to her music before and had only heard of her mentioned in the canadian press about her relationship with Elvis Costello.

But when i heard her voice.. WOW.

There are songs on this album which you can listen to all day and night.

I recommend this to anyone.

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