Greetings from Armageddon!

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Josh Mauser
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Greetings from Armageddon!

Post by Josh Mauser » Tue Apr 25, 2006 6:14 pm

Wow, it's been a while. I've no doubt been missing some awesome stuff in here.

Just to prove I'm still kicking around that ol' art thang, there's this piece which I just finished up the other day for class. We had to do something in Photoshop.

I haven't done much digital coloring (my last attempt was that yellow robot in a field if any should recall), but I like to think that I'm learning more and more with every attempt. There's some meh stuff in here in terms of anatomy and clothing and other stuff, but I feel I managed to pull off something polished for once that I can shove in a portfolio.



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