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Post illustrations, animation, graphic design, sketches, etc.
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Post by Phil » Mon Jun 28, 2004 11:47 am

You will have both, Kean, like it or not. Even if I have to buy them for you!

Super, Kazu.

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Post by Joel » Mon Jun 28, 2004 1:50 pm

Hahaha....alternate covers make baby Jesus RICH!

WOOHOOO.....It better come with trading cards, Kazu.

Actually, the SD Con Exclusive is a GREAT idea. And a cool image!

Most alternate covers are cheesy atempts to get you to buy a comic twice, but a con exclusive, especially when it's a "sneak peek" of sorts is a great way to expose the con goers to the book!

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Post by Clank » Mon Jun 28, 2004 5:24 pm

I am DEFINITELY buying both. That's awesome. It seems somehow different from the other covers, though... Is it because it doesn't really have a specific color scheme? Like the issue three cover has a red "theme", and the issue two one has a blue "theme", but this one doesn't really have a "theme". I... don't know why I pointed that out... Anyways, that's an excellent cover!

Oh, and I really like the new Bolt City header.
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Post by peppermint » Mon Jun 28, 2004 6:18 pm

Wow :shock:

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Post by Kean » Mon Jun 28, 2004 9:22 pm

Phil wrote:You will have both, Kean, like it or not. Even if I have to buy them for you!
Sure, if you're buying. :wink:

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Post by Mouse » Sat Jul 10, 2004 12:26 am

I :love: this image.

I particularly love the way you have drawn her lips. So understated, yet so effective.

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