Documentary style film: The Archaeologist

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Documentary style film: The Archaeologist

Post by Michael J. Dowswell » Wed Jan 13, 2010 6:17 pm


I’m a independent filmmaker who’s been doing it with no budget now for seven goes without saying that it is a very long, very dark tunnel...but you know, I wanted to do it...and at any point in the thing I can stop. But you tend to forget about various important aspects along the way. Some people say that its ok to spend 8 to 10 years working on a five minute no budget animation, doing it all by yourself...I dont quite know how I feel about that at this time. At the beginning of the seven years I didn't think about it, I was a lot younger and a lot more naive. But I do know that I want to break out of animation...but I also know what animation has done for me, and that it might be ludicrous to break out of it...this is where the conflict is in my mind.

I’ve just recently entered the Your Big Break New Zealand competition.

I don’t want to push my luck here...but hey I did enter two things...they're different...but, its similar in that it's another silent film...but its more like a documentary style thing. But if you like classical music then well check it out.

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