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Screenwriter (Aspiring) needs Director/fellow screenwriters

Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 12:13 am
by DarkWriter31
I don't know where to put this in this forum but I feel the need to put this somewhere.

I am an "aspiring" screenwriter, whatever that is, whose looking for a director to take a look at what I've written and to work with on other projects.

I've adapted The Masque of the Red Death, written a full length orginal "Ghost in the Rain" which is about a hitman who falls in love with his boss' daughter, three short plays, and I've start ed a few others.

If interested in at least reading what I've done, contact me at [email protected] . (Goddamn it! Post has been here I don't know how long, and I WRITE THE WRONG E-MAIL ADDRESS!!!)

Thanks in advance.

By the way, the blogspot address is where I post my poetry.