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Two Years Before the Mast

Posted: Fri Nov 13, 2009 6:28 pm
by dermot
I love good journals......this one is old......written about 1840 by Richard Dana.....he took time off from Harvard to work as a sailor / it's full of fantastic small details about the life of a sailor.......good reading for out of work artists lol...things could be a LOT worse !

One curious entry mentioned a black-painted sailboat chasing them in the Caribbean for a couple of days with a passing comment about the tactics used to evade the pirates.....and then the incident is forgotten just as quickly.

Another great journal book is "Storm of Steel " ( I loaned the book out and never got it back )....written by a WW1 German account of almost the whole war where he was wounded 22 times until one finally got him right through the chest ( he coninued to fight on for a short while until he realized how badly hurt he really was.....and eventually survived the war ) ... 086&sr=1-2 ... 0142437905