The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

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The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

Post by [adam] » Mon Jun 30, 2008 10:21 pm

"Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever" (first 3 books)
- Lord Foul's Bane
- The Illearth War
- The Power that Preserves

This series dates back into the 1970's, as my dad recommended I read it when I was pretty young. He said if I liked Lord of the Rings, then I'd be blown away by this. I kinda wrote it off at the time (being a silly high schooler and thinking reading was bad) but then 3 years ago, I decided to give it a shot.

Written by Stephen Donaldson, this series has one of the best broken hero's I've ever read. It's about a man who contracts leprosy and loses everything - his wife, his son, his successful career as a writer. Everything. He's outcast from his community. He lives in a lonely shack in the woods. He spends every day checking himself for bumps, knicks, scratches - things that, for a leper, could be life ending. Life is grim for Thomas Covenant.

Then he gets transported to another a land. A land he refuses to believe is real. A land that holds a strange power to heal his sickness. A land that is slowly being eaten away at by a growing darkness, and a land that people see him as a prophesied hero.

"Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever" they call him. White gold wielder.

His power lies in the unstable wild magic that sleeps within his white gold ring. His white gold wedding band he never took off.

Honestly, a must read. A haunted man with nothing left to live for told he must save an entire land of people he knows nothing about and cares nothing for. So damn edgy.

If nothing else it's a wonderful character study. Pick it up - you won't be disappointed.

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