The End of the World (or, "nice knowing you." )

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Post by MarcC » Thu Mar 11, 2004 7:18 pm

Hmm...this reminds me, one time when I was just a little kid, I was in a bookstore with my Dad. I saw this book with germs on the cover that was called like, "the coming plague" or something like that...I wanted that book so bad, so I asked my Dad if I could get it, but he said "no way, that's just all negative stuff and doomsaying, it's better to read something constructive."

Dang am I glad he said that. Of course I didn't realize then that there would be plenty of stuff to worry about as an adult, and I'm glad he steered me toward doing more constructive/creative stuff with my time.

I once went for more than a year without reading a newspaper or paying attention to the news, and rather than making me ignorant, I found that it helped me learn a lot. Go figure.

Anyhow, I'm off to CNN now... ;)
Someday I'll pick it up again

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Post by daveosaurus » Fri Mar 12, 2004 11:47 am

Since everyone is putting in their 2 cents here's mine:

Regardless of all of that stuff everyone just said, The world is going to end. Right? Right. When and how are kindof unimportant. So the real question is...(pause for effect)

Are you prepared for the end?? (one more pause for effect please.)

Rocket ships stocked with cuponoodles, some toilet paper and a good stack o graphic novels, and a blanket sounds like the best way to do things in my opinion, but you'll eventually run out of food, novels get re-read too much, and rocket ships run out of fuel... and lest we forget... everyone dies eventually.

So... are we prepared? When the real day after tomorrow is here and everyone (me included) is at the judgement? What happens then? I think that should be the real focus.

The fact is that there is only ONE WAY off of this rotting rock (could you see this comming? I bet you could.) and His name is JESUS CHRIST. I think we should all consider that (me included). Look past any of the recent hype and check out what He said about the end.

Hey Kazu, if you guys wanna kick me off your message board for gettin' preachy, I understand, but consider Him.


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