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Post by Clank » Mon Mar 29, 2004 8:11 pm

ChadTHX1138 wrote: I used to love useing a brush to ink.
I got a brush the other day. I came home to find out that it is EXTREMELY crappy and horrible and I hate it... A lot. Do you have any suggestions for brush pens? I read Kazu's suggestion for nibs. Do you have any suggestions for any other types of pens?

Also, when you save, which is better, GIF or JPEG?

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Post by ChadTHX1138 » Tue Mar 30, 2004 9:26 am

I prefer jpg.

Pen nibs all boil down to what you feel comfortable with. you can use a ballpoint pen if you want. You have to figure this out. it doesnt matter what you use it could be the cheapest pens on the planet.

but if I were to give you any real advice, just focus on learning to draw better.....with a pencil. if you cant learn to draw first, then no pen or brush is going to make a difference. The best penciler in the world could take the crappiest pen and make something look good.

oddly enough here is where I say that haveing a good brush makes a difference. It's expensive...ready? Windsor Newton Red Sable i think series #7. red sable hair keeps the point real well and make sure you clean it with soap dry it by pulling it to you but flat. then take your spit and make a fine point on it so it keeps its shape.

I will tell you it takes a good long time to get used to useing a brush then longer to master it. But you will be surprised at what it can do. It takes a long time to adjust to a crowquill as well.

but like i said you need to learn to draw first. Its really hard because I was like you and was ready to jump feet first into everything and thought that was what I needed because that is what the pro's did was ink etc. I even spent some time in comics as an inker. when i thought I knew how to ink I ended up an assistant to an inker who was a pretty busy was about 1992. well he sat me down with a crowquill and made me fill pages of bristol board with the straightest an most perfect lines i could make until i filled a page perfectly. then when that was done he made me fill pages until i made the most perfect curves...I felt like I was in boot camp. I still dont feel like I can grasp it.

Just draw Clank it will all work itself out.
Chad Townsend

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Post by Jason C-M » Tue Mar 30, 2004 10:21 am

I looooove inking with a good brush. It's my favorite part of the process. I've got to learn to do better w/ nibs at some point, but they don't have anywhere near that visceral satisfaction that inking w/ a brush has. My old habit was to use brush for everything except panel borders and lettering.

I'll add to the above brush comments that taking good care of your brush is even more important than getting a good brush in the first place. THat $70 brush will be crap inside of three hours if you aren't rinsing it out and washing it WELL with a good brush soap, taking care not to break the hairs.
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