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note of thanks

Post by peppermint » Mon Aug 23, 2004 8:20 pm

For kazu, and all of his team,
vera, neil, enrico, dylan, joel, and all the people which leaft me a kind note in my flight volume one :)
Your are all stars,

This book is just more than amazing. droped a tear of my big eyes :wink:
for you and all of flight crew, wish you all the best!
you guys did a wonderful job.

that´s my flight review: it´s perfect.

joana carneiro

p.s. kazu i LOVED daisy kutter. i really don´tknow how to thank you. THANK YOU! going to read right over, they all just landed here! :D

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Post by Kazu » Mon Aug 23, 2004 9:56 pm

Hehe. Joana, you're so sweet. And I'm so glad you liked the books! :D

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