"The Saga of Rex: The Harvest"
by Michel Gagné

"The Courier: Shortcut"
by Kazu Kibuishi

"Live Bait"
by Justin Gerard

"Kenneth Shuri and the Big Sweep"
by JP Ahonen

"Premium Cargo"
by Kostas Kiriakakis

"Sustain This Song"
by Leland Myrick

by Stuart Livingston

"Onere and Piccola"
by Cory Godbey

"Fairy Market"
by Katie and Steven Shanahan

"I've Decided to Become A Skeptic"
by Dave Roman

"Jellaby: Guardian Angel"
by Kean Soo

"Career Day"
by Bannister and Grimaldi

by Jason Caffoe

"King of Beasts: What's Yours Is Mine!"
by Paul Harmon

"TT Challenge"
by Dermot Walshe

by Drew Dernavich

Interior illustrations by Jason Caffoe and Phil Craven

Cover illustration by Kazu Kibuishi

288 pages / full color


ISBN: 978-0-345-51737-1