"The Saga of Rex: Castaway"
by Michel Gagné

"Food From the Sea"
by Amy Kim Ganter

"Farewell, Little Karla"
by Tom Herpich

by Israel Sanchez

"Little Trouble in the Big Top"
by Vera Brosgol

"The Window Makers"
by Kazu Kibuishi

"...and Hope for the Best"
by JP Ahonen

"The Forever Box"
by Sarah Mensinga

"The Blue Guitar"
by Neil Babra

"Igloo Head and Tree Head"
by Scott Campbell

"The Rabbit Mayor"
by Jon Klassen

by Graham Annable

"From Here to There..."
by Joey Weiser

by Bannister and Joel Carroll

"The Vampyres of Salem"
by Azad Injejikian

"The Storm"
by Pascal Campion

"Big Wheels"
by Ovi Nedelcu

"To Grandma's"
by Clio Chiang

"Dinosaur Egg"
by Raina Telgemeier

"It's Dangerous to Sleep"
by Dave Roman

"Mystical Monkey"
by Ryan Estrada

"The Story of Binny"
by Lark Pien

by Fábio Moon

"Twenty-Four Hours"
by Andrea Offermann

"The Perfect Spot"
by Phil Craven

Afterword by Jeff Smith

Interior illustrations by Chris Appelhans and Reagan Lodge

Cover illustration by Kazu Kibuishi

352 pages / full color


ISBN: 978-0-345-49040-7