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by Michel Gagné

"Old Oak Trees"
by Tony Cliff

"The Edge"

by Ben Hatke

"Beneath the Leaves - Lemming City"

by Rad Sechrist


by Johane Matte

"Jellaby - The Tea Party"

by Kean Soo

"The Rescue"

by Phil Craven

"The Lumbering Beast"

by Joey Weiser


by Israel Sanchez

"The Cloud"
by Bill Plympton

"Earl D."
by Yoko Tanaka


by Azad

"In Due Time"

by Neil Babra

"The Iron Gate"

by Kazu Kibuishi

"Message in a Bottle"

by Rodolphe Guenoden

"So Far, So Close"

by Bannister

"Ad Astra"

by Chuck BB


by Matthew Forsythe


by Becky Cloonan


by Reagan Lodge

"One Little Miracle for a Hungry Swarm"

by Alex Fuentes

"Wurmler of the West"
by Paul Harmon

"The Brave Sea"

by Steve Hamaker

"The Great Bunny Migration"

by Dave Roman

"Snow Cap"

by Matthew Armstrong

"Lala & The Bean"
by Khang Le